News - Josie Maran to star in Need For Speed: Most Wanted.
"Electronic Arts announced today that model and actress, Josie Maran, will star in Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted launching in November 2005. EA has created a new process that takes Hi-Definition footage of live actors and converts them into synthetic-looking videogame characters. This revolutionary new process delivers never-before-seen character, motion and facial fidelity with seamless integration into true 3D game environments." (26/07/05)

That is SO COOL.

Here's a pic:
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Yay! A Josie comm! I'm so glad I just did a Josie search on a whim today and found this. I *love* Josie and have for years, ever since her Guess ads. I have TONS of Josie pics, and I use her as the avatar for one of my writing characters. Also have a Josie mood theme for that character. :) Anyway, here's a pic.

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